Introduction to BMX Bikes

Bike riding is one of the most popular activities among children and adults. For children, they consider bike riding as a form of fun and enjoyment. For adults, it is more commonly used as a mode of transportation, recreation or exercise.

When bike riding is mentioned, what first comes to mind to most people is the BMX bike. BMX stands for bicycle moto cross. While many people often use the term BMX generically, it is important to understand that there are different types of BMX bikes designed for different biking styles. These BMX bike types are classified into freestyle bikes and jumping and racing bikes:
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Safety Gears for Bike Riding

Bike riding is a sport kids and adults enjoy doing. It is a good form of recreation and exercise at the same time. But just like any kind of outdoor activity, there are safety precautions which must be observed while bike riding, which include wearing safety gears.

helmetBefore you get too excited and start to pedal your bicycle, be sure to follow this checklist of safety gears you should be wearing for your protection:

  1. Helmet

Helmet is utmost important for any open vehicles such as motorcycle and bicycle. Helmet provides protection for your head against injury in case of accidents. Don’t ever ride without this safety gear.

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Me and My Big Mouth

Whenever I don’t go out biking around the streets of New York, I try as much as possible, to go out with my friends fishing at some of the major lakes found around here like Lake Placid, Lake Ontario and Cranberry Lake. We chose to frequent lakes because we are fond of getting catfishes. They are really a joy to catch but at the same time, so challenging that I often get arm pains after fishing. We use homemade catfish bait because we experienced that they like them better than the commercially bought ones from the shops around.

What we normally do when we’re going fishing for tomorrow was we prepare and all the necessary supplies today so we won’t experience problems during fishing like going home too early because of busted rods, missing baits and low food supply. We treat each fishing trip as male bonding too as we bring food and beer to accompany us while waiting the fishes to take the bait. Sometimes, we even brought grills to make barbeque if the boat we brought on the trip is big enough.

The last time that I fished with my buddies, I got home with a big catfish that we caught. My children were in awe when they saw it still alive, trying to breathe. Sammy, my youngest asked me if there are smaller ones and my other child, Remy kidded that the babies are smaller. We all got a kick out of it. Anyway, I told my children that there are smaller species of catfishes that don’t grow as much as the species we fish at the lakes. There are even a number of species of catfish small enough to be put into little tanks or aquariums. They were shocked of the information that I gave them. Now, my youngest wanted to have an aquarium to put catfishes in it. Me and my big mouth were at it again. Sammy nagged me for a good whole week to get him a tank with catfishes. After a week, I finally gave in and told him that we’ll get him fishes in the weekend after I run errands and finished training with my buddies at the park.

Weekend came as I see Sammy woke up early than he used to. He was all smiles as he greeted me good morning. I reminded him that it’s going to be later afternoon since I still have things to do this morning. He told me that he knew that and he was up early to make research on the web with the help of his other siblings to find on what species of catfish to buy. He said that he wanted a very colorful, active, playful catfishes that he’d really enjoy taking care of. My children were in front of the computer when I left the house. I got back after 5 hours and Sammy told me that they already found what specie that we’re going to buy. He chose spotted cory catfish and pictus catfish because are playful and colorful and it’s going to be fun to stare at.

Global Warming

I was a very hot day today as our training resumes at the wide open park. The sun’s rays were so strong today as even when I wore polarized sunglasses, I still got glares on my eyes. I just went on training and then in just a few hours, I felt my skin sore. My buddies told me that they looked reddened and burnt. I thought to myself that I maybe had a sunburn. I got home as fast as I could with my bike. I asked my family if we have burn ointments inside the house but there was none. I rushed to be in front of the computer to search with the keyword home remedies for sunburn. The first thing that I saw was weird, it was vinegar for sunburn. I also saw olive oil, tea tree oil, honey and lemon. I’ve read that vinegar has anti-biotic properties to heal burns so I decided to try it. Another reason was it was the only thing that we have on stock at the shelves. I took a cold bath for a good hour to ease my burns on my arms and neck as it was so painful and then patted them dry and used vinegar on my arms and neck. It smells so bad but it soothes my skin really good. I didn’t even have to take over the counter pain killers for pain relief. I’ve also read that I could use it until my wounds were cured.

I thought it was a really good home remedy and I’ll use it when I’m at home but I’ll buy a burn ointment later in the pharmacy to use them when I’m going out to avoid people noticing that I reek of vinegar. My wife suggested that due to more harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun today compared when we were young, I needed to use a high SPF skin lotion to prevent further skin injuries. She gave me hers as she has plenty of them on stock. She told me that she always use it whenever she goes out for errands outside. I thought that those things that she put on her face just makes her pretty. She laughed and told me to stop flattering her because she already knows that she is pretty.

I didn’t know all these things because it was my first time to get burnt riding on a bike. World really changes because of blatant pollution and world development that causing global warming. I asked my kids if they know about it and told me that their teacher at school sometimes discusses it with them and even asked them to do their small part like segregating garbage for recycling. We segregate but sometimes, we were too lazy to do it. I encourage my family to always remind each other about it so we can play our part. I also told them to tell their friends about it to increase awareness of the trouble that our world is facing.

How I Met Jay

I’ve been training with my buddies for the last couple of months now to get ready for the next Xtreme Games being done in Japan and it’s really going good for my part. I’ve really built my endurance and stamina on making more completed tricks in a certain amount of time. Sadly, one of my best friends, a really good buddy of mine, Jay has to pull out of the competition because he is suffering from his tailors bunion, like these. I asked him one time, what causes bunions but he didn’t have any idea, so he refer me to the website His feet have been hurting on and off and it was making it hard for him to make tricks that he used to make even on a blindfold.

I feel so sorry for him because he was the one who introduced me to the sport besides my grandpa and dad.   He is a childhood friend of mine and I’ve known him all our lives and I know that it’s a dream of him to compete on such world events. He’s very competitive, always striving to be on his very best against all odds. He told me that it was usually his motivation, Him against the world.

In his early age of 6 years old, his parents divorced and wanted nothing to do with him. They just left the poor kid with his auntie who lived next door. I was a very outgoing kid that I always roam our streets with friends playing and I always saw him sitting down on their porch, looking so sad and bored. So one time, I approached him and befriended him. He introduced himself as Jay and I asked him to come with us because we need more kids to fill the fields to play baseball. He told me that he didn’t know how to play and I told him that we also didn’t have a clue on the real rules; they just made up one as they just hit the ball and run. We got a crack about it and walked towards the park. He told me that he didn’t know anybody yet from the neighborhood and it was the first time that someone talked and invited him play. He was thankful that I made him come along with us. I told him that it was nothing and we should be good friends because we’re neighbors.

I introduced Jay to all my friends and told them that he’s cool. An Italian friend of mine named Gino told me that anyone cool to me is also cool with them and we played our made up baseball. After a few hours, we decided to go home because we were hungry. Jay and I were on the same route home so he walked with me. He again thanked me for inviting him and he really had lots of fun hanging out with us kids. He wanted to return the favor by inviting me in their house for a snack. I told him thanks but I have to tell my grandpa first to not let them worry on where am I. I entered our house with Jay and introduced him to grandpa and then left for a snack in his home. Since then, we’ve been really best of friends always hanging out until now.

Gone Too Soon

Not too many people know that I’m an only child. I guess, I just don’t want people to patronize me and think that I have an only child syndrome, like what the experts describe at I’ve tried asking my parents the reason behind it when I was younger, but I didn’t have the guts to ask them until now. What I know is they are very happily married and they are going to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in three months. I had a very awesome childhood experience as I didn’t feel neglected or even experienced being alone so much because my grandparents lived with us because my dad didn’t want other people to take care of them in a nursing home. I also had many childhood friends, which I play with almost every day. I often come over into their homes and play video games or meet with them at the park to play ball. I still see them up to now because some of them share my passion of biking.

Whenever people learn that I’m an only child, some of them had these stereotypical ideas that I’m spoiled, a brat, someone who always gets what he wants and the worst, that I always wanted to be the center of attention, but on the contrary, I don’t really like attention that much as I often fade into the background during social situations. I’ve read a number of articles about my situation and I am a living proof that their studies are wrong. The only thing that they got true that can be applied to me is that only children think of their friends like their brothers and sisters. I treat them like family and I always treasure them no matter what happens.

A friend of mine just recently died because of lung cancer. He started smoking cigarettes when we were teens. He consumes a pack or two every day. He was still young at 38 and he took his condition head on and battled it for 3 years and failed. He had so many pills to take everyday and he was so sick of it that he almost wanted to give up, but he kept hanging on for the sake of his children. He had undergone two surgeries and frequent trips to chemotherapy. The surgery was unsuccessful as the surgeon told us that they couldn’t take all the cancer cells out because it was too complicated that the cancer spread out to his bones so they resorted to treat him with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy killed him as it made his body weak. It targets and kills cancer cells, but unfortunately, it has no way of telling a cancer cell from a healthy, normal cell so it kills them both.

How to get over someone who I treated as a brother for many years is the question that I always ask myself every night before going to sleep. It really pains me to think that he passed away so soon. We had so many dreams and goals to attain. I’ll never ever forget him and I’ll always treat him as a brother even if we weren’t bonded by blood, but we will always be bonded with our friendship.

My Curious Kids

My kids are really fond of their pets as they always take care of the fishes I got them and the stray cat from the park where I always train with buddies. The stray cat that we once knew looked better as she now has a full body of fur and she became fat. My kids Remy and Sammy even potty trained them. I’m so proud of my kids that at such a young age, they managed to have such patience to train pets. I remember when I was their age, I couldn’t train my dog with basic skills like sitting or staying because I was so impatient to do so. The thing was, my agreement with my parents when I got a dog was I have to train him so he’ll never be rowdy inside the house or he’ll just be tied out in our backyard. To make it short, he just lived in his doghouse in his lifetime, so I was always required to check up on him outside every day.

One weekend morning, my family was eating breakfast and Sammy asked my wife can dogs eat bananas because he saw a dog owner out last week living also in our building complex that he was feeding him one. My wife looked at me like telling me I take over and so I did. I explained to Sammy that bananas are one of the best and nutritious fruits around. It contains potassium which helps our muscles and nerves to work properly and our kidneys to filter blood for toxins. It also contains manganese, which helps in the formation of our connective tissues, absorption of calcium and most importantly, aids in proper functioning our thyroid gland. I added that it may take some time for dogs to eat bananas because it is an acquired taste, but they’ve gotten used to it, it will them lots of benefits like taking a multivitamin each day.

And now, Remy asked what hypoallergenic dog food is because he heard that term when we were at the pet shop once and he forgot to ask us about it. I told her that those foods are made for dogs who had food sensitivity issues as they were designed to reduce the possibility of an allergic response.

My kids were so fascinated with me knowing all of these things. I joked and asked them if I don’t look smart enough for them as my family laughed. I shared that when I have spare time, they often see me in front of a computer and I’m not playing or posting on social media sites. Instead, I spend my time reading through all sorts of articles around the web. I told them that it’s always a good thing that you learn something new every day, be it as small as about candies or something huge about medical stuff. What’s important is that you gain knowledge and be better each day. My wife agreed and joked that today, they need to learn how to wash a car as our children chuckled.

My friend, Julius

On the way to the park where I train with my buddies, I always see a man asking for alms and I developed a friendship with him. His name is Julius. He looked like he was in his late 50s. He was black, rugged looking, thin and always wearing an old raggedy thick coat for protection for the cold nights. He has this thing where he charms every people who pass by. I was one of them. I always make time to talk to him and ask him if he’s good. I always see to it that I bring him food and water when I pass by his station and he’s so appreciative of it.

One cold morning, I was out on an errand to buy milk and orange juice because we forgot to but one yesterday. I decided to drive along his corner and say hi. He looked sick as he tried smiling and greeting me. He really looked awful as he can’t stand on his own. He asked me what do kidney stones feel like because he thinks he got one. I shook my head telling him that I have no idea but I told him that I can take him to a free clinic if he wants to. He told me that he doesn’t want to go and he felt discomfort if he’s bothering people about himself. I reluctantly said okay as I was giving him food and water.

When I got home, I got on the web to research for the signs and symptoms as well as the home remedies for kidney stones. Since he doesn’t want to get a treatment in a clinic, maybe I can help him pinpoint his disease and help him go through it with the home remedies that I read. I want him to get better because he’s a good man. He maybe is poor but he isn’t a thief. He’s just happy that people sometimes give him food. I really feel bad for the man because his children wanted nothing to do with him. He told me once that they live on a big house in the suburbs. I asked if I can bring him to them but he told me that he wasn’t welcome in their home.

The next day, I went to him and asked him to think about getting checked up because I don’t want him to suffer on further complications, so we’ll know what he’s dealing with and come up with a better solution. I also told him about the research that I made last night and he thanked me for it. I asked him about his symptoms but he kept mum about it. He just told me that maybe, maybe the next time that I’ll pass by, that he will agree to come with me.

I told my wife about him and suggested that we contact government organizations or event the private ones about him. All lives are important whether you are rich or poor. I’m sure they’ll be glad to take care of him because he is a good and decent man.

Stray Cats

My kids love taking care of pets as they are influenced by their mom who used to have lots of cats when she was younger. They currently have a tank with different fishes like guppies, angel fishes, trouts and cichlids. I love that they’re not always playing with gadgets as I always see them watching and feeding the fishes.

As I go through my normal routine practicing at the park, I heard strange noises behind the bushes. I just ignored it as I was busy trying to do more tricks than usual, but the noise was interrupting my focus so I check it out. I was surprised that were two kittens purring. They seem lost or maybe the real owner just left them here at the park. I asked my buddies if anyone wants to adopt one, but they didn’t care about cats or pets for that matter. So I thought to myself that I’ll just be the one to adopt the kittens since I have kids who are great with pets.

I came home earlier than usual as my wife was surprised about it. She asked me if I had a problem and I told her no, but these kittens need a home. They were a bit dirty, but my wife, Heather hugged them as if it’s her own. She told me that she’ll clean them up first before letting the children see them. Heather gave them a quick bath on a lukewarm water and then finally got the kids to see them. The kids were so happy with their new pet as they fed them milk, but after a few minutes, the kittens vomited milk with something looked like spaghetti pastas. The kids called their mom and they told me that they need the kittens be looked up by a veterinarian because they just vomited worms with the milk. I asked them to find a good veterinarian and I’ll just take a quick bath and then we’re off to the doctor.

roundworms in catsThey found a veterinarian just 20 minutes away from our place. My two kids, Remy and Sammy came along with me and my wife. They put the kittens in a basket with a thick blanket to keep them warm. Fortunately, the receptionist told us that the doctor doesn’t have prior appointments so he can see our pet now. He introduced himself as Dr. Carter and asked us the history of the kittens. I told him that I just saw it at the park and brought it home. Heather added about the worm vomiting incident earlier. The doctor told us that since it was a stray cat and has vomited worms, it may have roundworms in cats because it may have been living there in the dirt for a while and since cats have the penchant for licking themselves up, that it how the kittens contaminated themselves. My kids were worried, but the doctor told them that he has an easy fix for that unlike with pancreatitis in cats which is a more serious condition among their specie. He added that he just needs to deworm them until they totally get out of the kitten’s system. He also recommended having it vaccinated to prevent other conditions to arise.

5 Effective Natural Remedies for Acne

Acne is perhaps one of the most common skin problems among many bikers. This is due to our frequent exposure to dust and dirt which could clog pores and develop into acne. I have known of a few bikers who have this problem and I was surprised to read an article online that there are actually effective natural remedies for this condition, regardless if you have nodular acne, scalp acne, or acne in other parts of the body.

  1. Baking Soda

You may be surprised, but yes, this baking product and all-around house cleaner is also one of the most effective remedies for acne. It could unclog the pores, remove dead skin and regulate the pH balance of the skin to keep it healthy. It also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Make a paste composed of two teaspoons baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the affected area and rinse it after five minutes. Do this procedure twice a week.

  1. Oatmeal

This breakfast food is another natural solution for getting rid of acne. It can absorb excess oil in the skin and cleanse the pores to prevent acne. Moreover, it also exfoliates the skin, giving it a healthy glow.


Mix a cup of cooked oatmeal with one teaspoon of honey and about half a teaspoon of lemon. Gently massage the mixture over the affected area and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. You could do this procedure once or twice a week until you see the acne disappear.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon’s acidic property is also great for treating acne. It can help clear the pores of any accumulated dirt and oil, thereby preventing acne. However, it is important to note that lemon could make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so it is best applied during night time.


You could simply cut a lemon into half and rub the open portion on the affected area. You could also mix equal parts lemon juice and rose water and then use the solution to wash the area with acne. Leave it for several hours before rinsing. You may do it daily, but if it is causing your skin to become dry, it is better to apply it once every three days.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also acidic, which make them an excellent remedy for acne. Aside from that, it is also rich in vitamins A, C and K and lycopene which are among the important components of many commercial acne medications.


Slice a tomato in half and gently rub the open areas on the acne-affected area. You may also grind the tomato using a blender and apply it as a facial mask. Tomatoes as acne remedy can be used daily.

  1. Potatoes

Another good remedy for acne is potatoes. This vegetable is rich in vitamins B and C. It is also rich in niacin which is helpful for skin lightening.


Shred one raw potato and apply it on the affected area. Let it sit for at least five minutes before rinsing.

With these inexpensive but effective natural remedies for acne, you could now get rid of this problem in no time.

Back Pain Problems and their Remedies

Back pain is something unavoidable especially for bikers like me. I often hear other bikers complain about back pain after hours of riding. And the pain normally varies in severity as well as the area of the back being affected. Back pain can affect the lower, middle or upper back.

Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that around 60 percent of adults will experience lower back pain at any point of their life. Lower left back pain is actually more common that lower right back pain. Aside from pain or aching, other associated symptoms include difficulty in movement which is made worse by standing or walking, pain that moves down to the groin area, buttocks and thigh, muscle spasms, and local soreness when touched.

There are many possible causes for lower back pain and treatment varies depending on the cause. One of them is lower back strain wherein the group of muscles and ligaments providing movement and support for the spinal column is stretched too far or is overused during physical activities. Excessive bending, twisting, lifting heavy objects as well as accidents like falling may also cause lower back pain. Pregnancy as well as obesity also contributes to the strain in the lower back. Apart from that, there are underlying health problems which may also cause pain in the lower back, such as osteoarthritis which is common among older people. Other less common causes are herniated disc, sciatica, kidney stone or kidney infection and spinal stenosis among others.

There are basic practices that can help you prevent lower back pain. These include observing proper posture while standing or sitting down and avoiding slumping and slouching. However, if you already are suffering from lower back pain, home treatment is possible unless you experience sudden abdominal pain, fever or chilling, rapid loss of strength, weight loss, and difficulty in bowel control. In these cases, you might experience a serious life-threatening condition that needs immediate medical attention.

Upper and Middle Back Pain

Pain in the upper and middle back is not as common as lower back pain. It normally occurs from the base of the neck up to the bottom of the rib cage. The upper and middle back which is also called the thoracic spine is composed on 12 vertebrae which are attached to the rib cage. It also has discs separating each vertebra and absorbs shock as you move. Also, it has ligaments and muscles responsible for holding the spine together. Overuse to these muscles as well as injury and strain to the discs and ligaments would normally initiate pain in the upper and middle back. Common causes include poor posture, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, myofascial pain, and in rare cases, cancer or gallbladder disease.

Other symptoms that a person with upper or middle back pain may experience include burning, sharp or dull pain, and muscle stiffness of tightness. Other than these symptoms, if you also experience weakness in your arms or legs, a tingling sensation or numbness in arms, belly, or chest, and loss of bladder or bowel control, visit your doctor immediately for medical attention.

A back problem is something we should not neglect. It may be a common condition but it also needs treatment to avoid further complications. If you are constantly experiencing back pain after riding your bike, it would be good to have your condition checked to identify your health problem and so that proper treatment may be administered.

Depression Eating You from the Inside Out

Since Jay already knew that he couldn’t join our team to compete in the Xtreme Games, he was so devastated and frustrated because of it. He was never the same as he doesn’t even show up and support us in our practices. I haven’t seen him for two weeks so I went to his house and I talked to his Aunt Lily. He told me that he doesn’t have an appetite for week and hasn’t been himself as he just locks himself in his room almost all day. I told her what happened and she’s concerned with what’s happening with his nephew Jay as he is like the son that he never had. I suggested that he gets a checkup that maybe supplements for anxiety would help him regain his old self back as I also have a relative who has the same condition and it made wonders for him.

Aunt Lily knocked on Jay’s room and told him that I’m visiting him. He opened the door he looked so busted up. His room reeks of putrid smells like of   combined spoiled food and sweat. I told him that his team misses him and that if he needs to consult a doctor about his feet, I’ll gladly come along with him. He told me that he’ll think about it. I stayed in their home until dinner. I reminded him to think about consulting a doctor and he said thanks.

After a week, I got a call from him that he was having chest pains. I immediately went to his home and see his condition. Her aunt and I were forced to make him to go to the hospital with us to make sure that he is okay. He agreed and told us to give him a couple of minutes to take a bath and change to clean clothes. I waited with his aunt in their living room and after 30 minutes, Jay got out and told us that he was ready.

Jay, Aunt Lily and I went to the hospital and asked the receptionist if there was an available doctor to attend to him. He told me to wait for an hour as he still has a patient. We got paged and then proceed to the doctor’s office. Jay explained to Dr. Reagan what happened. He wanted to have him to get an x-ray in the laboratory to see his feet’s condition and explore the options from there. He also suggested consulting the on call psychologist free of charge about his condition.

Aunt Lily and I told him that he has nothing to lose so he decided to have a consult after taking an x-ray exam. The psychologist looked like in her early 30s. She wore a lab coat and glasses. She smiled at Jay when we entered the room. He asked Jay the details on why he was referred to her. She concluded that those pains were an anxiety chest pain and told him that he might be prescribed some medications for a week. He also asked him to get a complete blood workup before being prescribe to make sure it won’t do any harm to his system.

Understanding Shoulder Pain

Have you ever tried biking while your shoulder is in pain? Isn’t it uncomfortable and disturbing? I have tried this at one time and I had to stop frequently to stretch out. And as I got more tired, it seemed that the pain was also increasing. I know of other bikers who suffer from shoulder pain after several hours of long drive or practice. Understanding shoulder pain can help bikers and other people deal with this problem and possibly avoid it as much as possible.

Shoulder pain refers to any pain around the shoulder joint. It could be a pain in left shoulder or in right shoulder or a pain between shoulder blades, you can read more from the experts at Each of our shoulders has four tendons called the rotator cuff which is responsible for a wide range of shoulder movements. Any damage, inflammation, swelling or bone changes in the rotator cuff would cause shoulder pain. Aside from that, there are also underlying conditions that may cause shoulder pain, including arthritis, bone spurs, bursitis, broken shoulder bone, shoulder bone dislocation, or separation and frozen shoulder. Any injury or overuse of the nearby tendons like the arms’ bicep muscles may also cause shoulder pain. Sometimes, the pain in the shoulder may also be due to problems in other parts of the body such as the neck.

A less serious shoulder pain can be remedied at home. One common remedy is the application of ice pack on the shoulder for fifteen minutes three to four times every day for three days. Resting can also help alleviate the pain. You should avoid doing activities that are highly demanding on your shoulders to encourage fast healing. And when your shoulders feel better, do not return to your normal routine immediately, especially if those activities were the cause of your shoulder pain. If you bike, don’t bike long distances immediately. It would be good to slowly return to your regular routine so as not to stress out your shoulders.

While shoulder pain is not generally a very serious problem, there are cases when the pain can be a sign of an impending heart attack. This is especially true if the pain comes out suddenly for no reason. The crushing and sudden pain normally affects the shoulder and it runs to your chest to the left jaw or neck or arm. Also, aside from the pain, you may experience dizziness, sweating or shortness of breath. When these symptoms occur, it is best to call 911 or any emergency health care service for immediate medical attention.

However, there are cases when you don’t have to call 911 but have to see your doctor at the soonest time possible. These are cases of shoulder pain where the pain also comes with swelling, redness or bluish skin color around the affected are, fever, where the pain causes your shoulder to be immobile, or where your condition does not improve and the pain remains after more than two weeks of home treatment.

What is relieving about shoulder pain is that it can be prevented with stretching and exercises that can strengthen the rotator cuff. That is why if you are a biker like me, I highly recommend doing these exercises to avoid shoulder pain before going on a long ride.

What is Scalp Folliculitis?

Have you ever experienced having scalp problems like scabs on scalp, dandruff and others? I used to have a serious problem with dandruff before and it has caused me discomfort because of the itchiness associated with it. Sometimes, it has caused me to lose concentration while biking. But I am fortunate enough because dandruff and even scalp scabs are a less serious problem compared to scalp folliculitis. I know of one fellow biker who had this problem and it was totally ugly.

scalp folliculitis

Folliculitis is like pimples because it causes bumps on the skin. But it is an infection affecting the hair follicles. It may affect other parts of the body but is most common in the head, thighs and groin.

There are several factors that can cause this condition which includes bacteria, fungus and yeast. You may also have folliculitis if your follicles are damaged. Wearing clothes that irritate the follicles as well as shaving may also cause it. For boys, folliculitis is commonly caused by follicles becoming irritated or blocked by oils or gel. A person is also more likely to get folliculitis if he or she frequently uses the swimming pool, whirlpool or hut tub, or wears tight clothing. If you are using steroid creams or antibiotics for a long time, you are also more prone to having it.

Folliculitis can be easily managed if treated early while it has not yet spread. It usually heals in about two weeks. What you could do is to apply warm compress containing a small amount of vinegar to stop the itching and promote healing. There are also especially formulated shampoos designed for folliculitis.

But you cannot treat folliculitis unless you know you have it. Symptoms to look for include red bumps with hair growing in the center of each bump. The bumps may have pus and can be itchy. When these bumps are broken, blood, pus or both may drain from them. There is also hot tub folliculitis which commonly appears after 72 hours of using a spa or hot tub.

Generally, you don’t have to seek medical attention for mild folliculitis. However, if the itchiness or pain does not go away after several days or weeks, or if it has spread to other follicles, you may have to consult your doctor for proper treatment. You should also see your doctor if you are already experiencing fever and if the infected area becomes swollen, red, warm and painful. Your doctor may recommend using antifungal pills or antibiotics to get rid of it. In severe cases, laser treatment may be your best option. Laser treatment will destroy your hair follicles so they will no longer be infected.

While folliculitis can be treated, prevention is better than cure. Preventive measures include bathing everyday using mild soap, avoiding the use of oil or gel on the head, and avoiding sharing of towels and other personal items.

If you are into BMX biking and are suffering from any scalp problem, I would recommend solving your scalp problem first so that you will not lose concentration by the pain, itchiness or discomfort caused by your scalp problem.

Important Facts You Should Know about Bunny Pets

Although bunnies are not as common as a pet cat or dog among bikers, I know of some who own a bunny or a pair of bunnies. I have learned that bunnies are great pets because they are not very difficult and expensive to maintain and care for as long as you take time to understand their needs.

Here are some quick bunny facts to help you care for your pet:

  1. The safest place for pet bunnies is indoors.

Rabbit owners ought to know that rabbits or bunnies raised as pets should be kept indoors. They are different from the wild ones as they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. They are also at risk of predators outdoors. The sight of other wild animals can easily cause them stress and they can easily suffer from a heart attack and die of fear.

  1. You need safety precautions if you decide to let them roam inside your home.

If you decide to let your pet roam inside your house, you should make your house rabbit-safe. These animals like to chew on things so make sure that all electrical cords are covered and out of reach. Keep all your floor-mounted cabinets locked to avoid access. Also keep poisonous and toxic materials out of reach including cleaning supplies and insecticides. Some common plants such as Calla lily, aloe, Lily of the Valley, azalea, and philodendron are also poisonous to them.

  1. If kept in a cage, they need a lot of room for stretching.

If you decide to keep your rabbit in a cage, make it at least five times its size to allow space for exercise and stretching. The cage should also be layered with cardboards and other materials because wire floorings are hard on their feet. Inside the cage, your rabbit also needs a quiet space for hiding and resting. Placing a cardboard box inside the cage can achieve this purpose. Additionally, if kept in the cage, you should let your rabbit out of the cage for a few hours a day for exercise, playing and exploring.

  1. Rabbits need a balanced diet.

Many health problems among rabbits are caused by feeding them with foods that are incompatible with their digestive system. A basic rabbit diet should be composed of hay, leafy dark green vegetables and fruits such as apples, papaya, bananas, pears, plums, melons and others. Foods to avoid feeding to rabbits include tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cabbage, beans, peas, corn, potatoes, onions, beets, rhubarb, seeds and grains among others. If you are not sure whether a certain food is okay with your rabbit or not, you could ask your veterinarian for advice. Moreover, there are also rabbit pellets available in the market, but they should only be given in small quantities alongside vegetables and fruits. Your rabbit should always have a fresh supply of clean water.

  1. Handle rabbits with care.

Rabbits are very fragile and they can break their own spines if they are struggling. That is why you should handle your pet with special care if you have to carry it.

Now that you know these tips, it will then be easier for you to take care of a rabbit as your pet. There is a wide range of breeds that you could choose from and one of the most popular is the lionhead bunnies. Be sure to keep these five tips in mind when caring for your rabbit.

I Got Punked

I’ve don’t really have a fascination with personality tests because I feel that they sound useless and time wasters as I have to answer lots of questions and let it tell me what personality I have but the thing is, I know myself better than a silly test. On the other hand, Heather is really fond of them. She told me about this Myer-Briggs Test and I quickly said no. She shared that a tandem of mother and daughter psychologists formulated the test with the pattern of researches of Carl Jung, who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist and known for his theory of paradigms, the unified benumbed and his studies of the human psyche. She asked me to reconsider because I didn’t have to answer many questions. She added that I just need to pick 4 items and then we’re finished. I was surprised that there was a personality test that short. I agreed and she began asking me between extraversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling and lastly, judging and perception. I was going to rush on my choices and she told me to wait because she had to explain something. So there we go, I thought to myself that it was the catch that’s why it’s just four choices because it will take too long to explain. She caught me smiling and asked about it and I said nothing.

She explained the differences of all the choices. First is introversion and extraversion which can also be called our attitude or the way we deal with people, things or situations whether directly or indirectly. Introversion is indirect, while extraversion is the direct way. Second is sensing and intuition, which is how we pay attention to information as some uses the five senses which is sensing and some pay more attention to the diagram and possibilities as they are more about reading between the lines and gut feels in intuition. The third on the other hand, is thinking and feeling which are how our judgements are made. Thinking people are more on the logical side as they always think with facts and not with emotions while Feeling is its complete opposite, it decides on using empathy and by association to people, things, or the situation. Lastly, judging and perception is all about you look and live your everyday life. Judgers are very organized as they always plan their days ahead and follow it meticulously unlike with Perceivers who doesn’t plan at all and just go with the flow wherever life takes him to be.

After her explanation, I learned that I’m with the INFJ relationships because I am warm, a very good listener, soft spoken and gentle. I also don’t take criticisms that well and I always have very high expectations on myself, which always makes me better on the things that I do. Meanwhile, Heather is with the INFP relationships because she is typically laid-back, supportive and nurturing to our children. She is also flexible, diverse, and driven, but has the tendency to be shy and timid, especially to strangers as they always take time to warm up to people.

I made it a night as I told my wife that this is the last time that she will trick me into trying “short” tests then we laughed and got ready to sleep for a new day ahead.

I’m Back

BMX biking is my life and I don’t know what I’ll do without it. It has always been a routine of mine to wake up early in the mornings and practice BMX tricks with my buddies at the park. I’ve been doing this for years and I haven’t got tired of it. I experience sprained foot from time to time, but it’s all good as I just ice for the first 24 hours until the swelling goes down and then try to rest it for a couple of days and I’m good. I sometimes take pain pills if I can’t tolerate the pain anymore. I sometimes use elastic wraps or braces if I can’t bear the weight on my foot.

In my opinion, my choice of sport really comes with a high risk of always injuring myself, that’s why I always try to keep my body fit and healthy to lessen the risks. Besides from biking, I also run from time to time to build up my stamina and endurance. I have a competition coming up in Indianapolis and I joined the freestyle contest. I will be given a certain amount of time to perform any tricks that I could think of and three judges will keep score. There will be 3-4 rounds depending on the case as every round, one or two people will be eliminated and the only one who survives will be the champion.

Two years ago, I joined the same competition and sadly, I just came in at 3rd place so this year, I’ll really try to come back bolder and stronger. I had a bad ankle injury back then with occasional tingling feet. It was like pins and needles piercing my feet. I had a hard time doing tricks as I find it tough to find my balance with my injury. I played through my injury not minding the doctor’s orders. I was so immature back then because I haven’t thought that I could further aggravate my injury if I continue abusing my body.

After I came in at 3rd place, I vowed to get myself healed before undergoing training again as I don’t want to risk further injuries down the line. After 8 months of rehabilitation and therapy, my doctor finally gave me his go signal for me to train again, but he reminded me to take it easy for a while because my body isn’t used to training anymore. I listened to him as I gradually increase my training hours. He really is a good doctor because he knew what he was talking about. I don’t feel any pain or tingling sensations anymore thanks to him and my physical therapist.

Being in the competition now makes me feel nervous. It’s like my first time again to join. My dad used to tell me that being nervous is okay and it is normal with people. It’s just how will you use the experience to bring you up or down. My mindset today is I got nothing to lose. I feel great ,I trained to the very best of my abilities and I will come out strong.

Natural Remedies for Bronchitis

When biking, it is important to consider where you are biking. Many people prefer to bike in places with less traffic and pollution. And that is a good decision compared to biking in a city area where you are in danger of getting hit by vehicles or of developing sicknesses caused by pollution. One of the serious health problems that you can develop if you frequently bike within the city is bronchitis. This disease is caused by exposure to certain pollutants that may be present in the polluted city air. That is one of the reasons why I prefer to bike in parks or natural environments where I can also breathe in fresh air.

Many people are confused about bronchitis vs pneumonia because they share many similar symptoms. But the latter is a more serious condition, especially if you are elderly. Bronchitis, on the other hand, can be treated with several home remedies.

Bronchitis remedies are directed toward thinning the phlegm in the chest so that you could easily cough it out. Here are some of the effective remedies you may try:


The most effective approach to thin the phlegm is by way of breathing in steam. You can do it by taking a hot shower, soaking it in a hot tub, or simply inhaling the steam coming from a basin of hot water. To make it even more effective, you could add several drops of eucalyptus which has antibacterial properties that also help in softening the mucus that is obstructing your airways. You could also add pine oil as it acts as an expectorant which is helpful in keeping the phlegm moving from the bronchial tubes.


Water is also effective in helping you cough out the phlegm easily. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Also, avoid drinking caffeinated and alcoholic beverages which can dehydrate your system and make it tougher for the mucus to dislodge.

Cayenne and chili peppers

Spicy foods containing cayenne or chili peppers can also help out in thinning the mucus, allowing you to have a more productive cough.

Mullein tea

Mullein is a traditional remedy for respiratory problems. It contains saponins and gelatinous mucilage which can soothe your mucus membrane. You could boil two teaspoons of dried mullein and then steep for around 10 minutes before straining the leaves and drinking the tea.

While trying these home remedies, avoid drinking milk because milk contains lactalbumin which can stimulate mucus production. Aside from home remedies, there are also supplements that can help alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis. This includes N-acetyl cysteine and R-lipoic acid.

Prevention is better than cure or remedies. Aside from frequent or prolonged exposure to polluted air, you are also at risk of bronchitis if you smoke. Don’t smoke if you do not want bronchitis and other respiratory problems. This is the same advice I tell my friends because I notice that respiratory problems are becoming more common as the person gets older. Overall, don’t smoke and bike in the city.

Surviving Allergy as a Family

yeast allergyMy daughter Remy was born with many sensitivities which includes her doctor’s recent finding, yeast allergy. It is very unfortunate that there are foods that she couldn’t eat. My wife and I don’t want her to feel left out about it so we decided as a family to eat according to her condition. We already consulted her problem to an allergologist and he conducted a certain test called the skin prick test wherein he pricked our daughter’s skin with a needle containing a small amount of the allergen to determine which type of yeast was the main culprit of her condition. It took him a few hours to examine my daughter’s case and he found out that it was indeed a yeast allergy most specifically corn derived foods and fermented products like cheese. To double check, her doctor suggested we could try a food elimination diet to see if corn allergy symptoms like hives, nausea, vomiting and the worst, difficulty of breathing as some experience swelling of their airway and should be attended to promptly when they encounter food that they have allergies from. Some worst cases even have them bring a syringe with medicines just in case they ate yeast unknowingly.

I remember when we were still not aware of Remy’s condition and we normally have yeast products stocked in our pantry and fridge like bread, pickles, strawberry, olives, raisins, corn, etc. She often eats those and moments lately she’d have hives on her skin. I thought it was just about her other allergies, but it often occurs after she eats our food, that’s why we resorted to get her examined.

Ever since knowing her real condition, we became more conscious of everything we get from the grocery store. We gave away all our foods with yeast as our neighbors thankfully got them. We used to take 30 to an hour when buying groceries, but now, it takes us two hours because we meticulously read the ingredients of the food that we’re going to buy. Taking these precautionary measures is vital to the well being of our kid. From time to time, I eat foods with yeast with the condition that I will eat it elsewhere and not in our home. It was hard, but we were really trying to manage her condition as a family. My wife doesn’t let her buy food in their school, instead, she always makes her bring foods that she prepared at home.

It’s nice that our diet at home doesn’t bother us as much as we all know that it’s for Remy. Her doctor called me the other day and told me about desensitization treatment as we can feed her some small amount yeasty foods from time to time to let her system react to it and hopefully her body can make antibodies to counter them. We have yet to try this method because my wife and I haven’t discussed it yet. I hope it works as I know that she always crave for foods that she can’t eat and as a parent, I don’t want her to feel deprived

Practice More

Performing BMX bike tricks is no easy thing. Believe me it isn’t. It may look relatively easy when you are just watching others do it from afar, and you might also think that you can do it yourself, with just token practice or something to that effect, but you are really wrong in that assumption.

You have got to prepare for each of those tricks for countless hours before you even begin to be proficient with them. I have known many riders practice a trick for so long a time, yet never get to fully master it. And that is just one trick I am talking about and there are literally thousands more to speak of.

Well I should know as I have been through that thing countless of times myself and I am not ashamed to tell you that, even with the length of time I have been performing tricks and stunts on my bike, that I have yet to master even half of all the tricks that I can do with my bike.

It is the same with all the crafts that people try to master and be recognized as an authority of, as you must devote much of your time to a thing in order for you to be very good at it. No if’s or but’s, and no shortcuts to be made on your way to perfection of a skill. Perseverance and hard work always needs to be there when you do something in order for you to be great at that something. Get my drift?

To further illustrate the point. Let me tell you what happened to me recently while trying to perfect a trick on my bike. Well I watched this dude on TV pulling off a trick which I have been practicing for in a long time and that got me burning. How on Earth did he manage to do that when I myself had been burning out over it for months?

That show got me going and I proceeded to pick up where I left off, which was apparently the ground, all scratched up with a finger sprain to boot. It was a bike stunt that required you to lift off from a ramp, kick on the pedal to propel your lower body upwards, and form a ninety degree angle between the bike and yourself, and then find a way to get back to your original starting position before your bike hit the ground, preferably with you on it.

I have yet to land it safely and good thing I have a foam bank to land on, else I would be either dead or severely paralyzed today. I know getting finger arthritis is in my future from all the accidents with my hands performing it, but I went at it for about two more weeks.

Just the other day I finally made it and the feeling of me finally accomplishing it was divine. Now I must practice it more to really get it to stick. That just goes to show that if you are really in to something, you must give it your all. You will fail many times with it but in the end it will eventually happen and you will succeed, that my friend, is just how life is.