Depression Eating You from the Inside Out

Since Jay already knew that he couldn’t join our team to compete in the Xtreme Games, he was so devastated and frustrated because of it. He was never the same as he doesn’t even show up and support us in our practices. I haven’t seen him for two weeks so I went to his house and I talked to his Aunt Lily. He told me that he doesn’t have an appetite for week and hasn’t been himself as he just locks himself in his room almost all day. I told her what happened and she’s concerned with what’s happening with his nephew Jay as he is like the son that he never had. I suggested that he gets a checkup that maybe supplements for anxiety would help him regain his old self back as I also have a relative who has the same condition and it made wonders for him.

Aunt Lily knocked on Jay’s room and told him that I’m visiting him. He opened the door he looked so busted up. His room reeks of putrid smells like of   combined spoiled food and sweat. I told him that his team misses him and that if he needs to consult a doctor about his feet, I’ll gladly come along with him. He told me that he’ll think about it. I stayed in their home until dinner. I reminded him to think about consulting a doctor and he said thanks.

After a week, I got a call from him that he was having chest pains. I immediately went to his home and see his condition. Her aunt and I were forced to make him to go to the hospital with us to make sure that he is okay. He agreed and told us to give him a couple of minutes to take a bath and change to clean clothes. I waited with his aunt in their living room and after 30 minutes, Jay got out and told us that he was ready.

Jay, Aunt Lily and I went to the hospital and asked the receptionist if there was an available doctor to attend to him. He told me to wait for an hour as he still has a patient. We got paged and then proceed to the doctor’s office. Jay explained to Dr. Reagan what happened. He wanted to have him to get an x-ray in the laboratory to see his feet’s condition and explore the options from there. He also suggested consulting the on call psychologist free of charge about his condition.

Aunt Lily and I told him that he has nothing to lose so he decided to have a consult after taking an x-ray exam. The psychologist looked like in her early 30s. She wore a lab coat and glasses. She smiled at Jay when we entered the room. He asked Jay the details on why he was referred to her. She concluded that those pains were an anxiety chest pain and told him that he might be prescribed some medications for a week. He also asked him to get a complete blood workup before being prescribe to make sure it won’t do any harm to his system.

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