Global Warming

I was a very hot day today as our training resumes at the wide open park. The sun’s rays were so strong today as even when I wore polarized sunglasses, I still got glares on my eyes. I just went on training and then in just a few hours, I felt my skin sore. My buddies told me that they looked reddened and burnt. I thought to myself that I maybe had a sunburn. I got home as fast as I could with my bike. I asked my family if we have burn ointments inside the house but there was none. I rushed to be in front of the computer to search with the keyword home remedies for sunburn. The first thing that I saw was weird, it was vinegar for sunburn. I also saw olive oil, tea tree oil, honey and lemon. I’ve read that vinegar has anti-biotic properties to heal burns so I decided to try it. Another reason was it was the only thing that we have on stock at the shelves. I took a cold bath for a good hour to ease my burns on my arms and neck as it was so painful and then patted them dry and used vinegar on my arms and neck. It smells so bad but it soothes my skin really good. I didn’t even have to take over the counter pain killers for pain relief. I’ve also read that I could use it until my wounds were cured.

I thought it was a really good home remedy and I’ll use it when I’m at home but I’ll buy a burn ointment later in the pharmacy to use them when I’m going out to avoid people noticing that I reek of vinegar. My wife suggested that due to more harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun today compared when we were young, I needed to use a high SPF skin lotion to prevent further skin injuries. She gave me hers as she has plenty of them on stock. She told me that she always use it whenever she goes out for errands outside. I thought that those things that she put on her face just makes her pretty. She laughed and told me to stop flattering her because she already knows that she is pretty.

I didn’t know all these things because it was my first time to get burnt riding on a bike. World really changes because of blatant pollution and world development that causing global warming. I asked my kids if they know about it and told me that their teacher at school sometimes discusses it with them and even asked them to do their small part like segregating garbage for recycling. We segregate but sometimes, we were too lazy to do it. I encourage my family to always remind each other about it so we can play our part. I also told them to tell their friends about it to increase awareness of the trouble that our world is facing.

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