Gone Too Soon

Not too many people know that I’m an only child. I guess, I just don’t want people to patronize me and think that I have an only child syndrome, like what the experts describe at www.simplerelationships.net. I’ve tried asking my parents the reason behind it when I was younger, but I didn’t have the guts to ask them until now. What I know is they are very happily married and they are going to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in three months. I had a very awesome childhood experience as I didn’t feel neglected or even experienced being alone so much because my grandparents lived with us because my dad didn’t want other people to take care of them in a nursing home. I also had many childhood friends, which I play with almost every day. I often come over into their homes and play video games or meet with them at the park to play ball. I still see them up to now because some of them share my passion of biking.

Whenever people learn that I’m an only child, some of them had these stereotypical ideas that I’m spoiled, a brat, someone who always gets what he wants and the worst, that I always wanted to be the center of attention, but on the contrary, I don’t really like attention that much as I often fade into the background during social situations. I’ve read a number of articles about my situation and I am a living proof that their studies are wrong. The only thing that they got true that can be applied to me is that only children think of their friends like their brothers and sisters. I treat them like family and I always treasure them no matter what happens.

A friend of mine just recently died because of lung cancer. He started smoking cigarettes when we were teens. He consumes a pack or two every day. He was still young at 38 and he took his condition head on and battled it for 3 years and failed. He had so many pills to take everyday and he was so sick of it that he almost wanted to give up, but he kept hanging on for the sake of his children. He had undergone two surgeries and frequent trips to chemotherapy. The surgery was unsuccessful as the surgeon told us that they couldn’t take all the cancer cells out because it was too complicated that the cancer spread out to his bones so they resorted to treat him with chemotherapy. The chemotherapy killed him as it made his body weak. It targets and kills cancer cells, but unfortunately, it has no way of telling a cancer cell from a healthy, normal cell so it kills them both.

How to get over someone who I treated as a brother for many years is the question that I always ask myself every night before going to sleep. It really pains me to think that he passed away so soon. We had so many dreams and goals to attain. I’ll never ever forget him and I’ll always treat him as a brother even if we weren’t bonded by blood, but we will always be bonded with our friendship.

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