How I Met Jay

I’ve been training with my buddies for the last couple of months now to get ready for the next Xtreme Games being done in Japan and it’s really going good for my part. I’ve really built my endurance and stamina on making more completed tricks in a certain amount of time. Sadly, one of my best friends, a really good buddy of mine, Jay has to pull out of the competition because he is suffering from his tailors bunion, like these. I asked him one time, what causes bunions but he didn’t have any idea, so he refer me to the website His feet have been hurting on and off and it was making it hard for him to make tricks that he used to make even on a blindfold.

I feel so sorry for him because he was the one who introduced me to the sport besides my grandpa and dad.   He is a childhood friend of mine and I’ve known him all our lives and I know that it’s a dream of him to compete on such world events. He’s very competitive, always striving to be on his very best against all odds. He told me that it was usually his motivation, Him against the world.

In his early age of 6 years old, his parents divorced and wanted nothing to do with him. They just left the poor kid with his auntie who lived next door. I was a very outgoing kid that I always roam our streets with friends playing and I always saw him sitting down on their porch, looking so sad and bored. So one time, I approached him and befriended him. He introduced himself as Jay and I asked him to come with us because we need more kids to fill the fields to play baseball. He told me that he didn’t know how to play and I told him that we also didn’t have a clue on the real rules; they just made up one as they just hit the ball and run. We got a crack about it and walked towards the park. He told me that he didn’t know anybody yet from the neighborhood and it was the first time that someone talked and invited him play. He was thankful that I made him come along with us. I told him that it was nothing and we should be good friends because we’re neighbors.

I introduced Jay to all my friends and told them that he’s cool. An Italian friend of mine named Gino told me that anyone cool to me is also cool with them and we played our made up baseball. After a few hours, we decided to go home because we were hungry. Jay and I were on the same route home so he walked with me. He again thanked me for inviting him and he really had lots of fun hanging out with us kids. He wanted to return the favor by inviting me in their house for a snack. I told him thanks but I have to tell my grandpa first to not let them worry on where am I. I entered our house with Jay and introduced him to grandpa and then left for a snack in his home. Since then, we’ve been really best of friends always hanging out until now.

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