I Got Punked

I’ve don’t really have a fascination with personality tests because I feel that they sound useless and time wasters as I have to answer lots of questions and let it tell me what personality I have but the thing is, I know myself better than a silly test. On the other hand, Heather is really fond of them. She told me about this Myer-Briggs Test and I quickly said no. She shared that a tandem of mother and daughter psychologists formulated the test with the pattern of researches of Carl Jung, who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist and known for his theory of paradigms, the unified benumbed and his studies of the human psyche. She asked me to reconsider because I didn’t have to answer many questions. She added that I just need to pick 4 items and then we’re finished. I was surprised that there was a personality test that short. I agreed and she began asking me between extraversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling and lastly, judging and perception. I was going to rush on my choices and she told me to wait because she had to explain something. So there we go, I thought to myself that it was the catch that’s why it’s just four choices because it will take too long to explain. She caught me smiling and asked about it and I said nothing.

She explained the differences of all the choices. First is introversion and extraversion which can also be called our attitude or the way we deal with people, things or situations whether directly or indirectly. Introversion is indirect, while extraversion is the direct way. Second is sensing and intuition, which is how we pay attention to information as some uses the five senses which is sensing and some pay more attention to the diagram and possibilities as they are more about reading between the lines and gut feels in intuition. The third on the other hand, is thinking and feeling which are how our judgements are made. Thinking people are more on the logical side as they always think with facts and not with emotions while Feeling is its complete opposite, it decides on using empathy and by association to people, things, or the situation. Lastly, judging and perception is all about you look and live your everyday life. Judgers are very organized as they always plan their days ahead and follow it meticulously unlike with Perceivers who doesn’t plan at all and just go with the flow wherever life takes him to be.

After her explanation, I learned that I’m with the INFJ relationships because I am warm, a very good listener, soft spoken and gentle. I also don’t take criticisms that well and I always have very high expectations on myself, which always makes me better on the things that I do. Meanwhile, Heather is with the INFP relationships because she is typically laid-back, supportive and nurturing to our children. She is also flexible, diverse, and driven, but has the tendency to be shy and timid, especially to strangers as they always take time to warm up to people.

I made it a night as I told my wife that this is the last time that she will trick me into trying “short” tests then we laughed and got ready to sleep for a new day ahead.

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