I’m Back

BMX biking is my life and I don’t know what I’ll do without it. It has always been a routine of mine to wake up early in the mornings and practice BMX tricks with my buddies at the park. I’ve been doing this for years and I haven’t got tired of it. I experience sprained foot from time to time, but it’s all good as I just ice for the first 24 hours until the swelling goes down and then try to rest it for a couple of days and I’m good. I sometimes take pain pills if I can’t tolerate the pain anymore. I sometimes use elastic wraps or braces if I can’t bear the weight on my foot.

In my opinion, my choice of sport really comes with a high risk of always injuring myself, that’s why I always try to keep my body fit and healthy to lessen the risks. Besides from biking, I also run from time to time to build up my stamina and endurance. I have a competition coming up in Indianapolis and I joined the freestyle contest. I will be given a certain amount of time to perform any tricks that I could think of and three judges will keep score. There will be 3-4 rounds depending on the case as every round, one or two people will be eliminated and the only one who survives will be the champion.

Two years ago, I joined the same competition and sadly, I just came in at 3rd place so this year, I’ll really try to come back bolder and stronger. I had a bad ankle injury back then with occasional tingling feet. It was like pins and needles piercing my feet. I had a hard time doing tricks as I find it tough to find my balance with my injury. I played through my injury not minding the doctor’s orders. I was so immature back then because I haven’t thought that I could further aggravate my injury if I continue abusing my body.

After I came in at 3rd place, I vowed to get myself healed before undergoing training again as I don’t want to risk further injuries down the line. After 8 months of rehabilitation and therapy, my doctor finally gave me his go signal for me to train again, but he reminded me to take it easy for a while because my body isn’t used to training anymore. I listened to him as I gradually increase my training hours. He really is a good doctor because he knew what he was talking about. I don’t feel any pain or tingling sensations anymore thanks to him and my physical therapist.

Being in the competition now makes me feel nervous. It’s like my first time again to join. My dad used to tell me that being nervous is okay and it is normal with people. It’s just how will you use the experience to bring you up or down. My mindset today is I got nothing to lose. I feel great ,I trained to the very best of my abilities and I will come out strong.

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