Me and My Big Mouth

Whenever I don’t go out biking around the streets of New York, I try as much as possible, to go out with my friends fishing at some of the major lakes found around here like Lake Placid, Lake Ontario and Cranberry Lake. We chose to frequent lakes because we are fond of getting catfishes. They are really a joy to catch but at the same time, so challenging that I often get arm pains after fishing. We use homemade catfish bait because we experienced that they like them better than the commercially bought ones from the shops around.

What we normally do when we’re going fishing for tomorrow was we prepare and all the necessary supplies today so we won’t experience problems during fishing like going home too early because of busted rods, missing baits and low food supply. We treat each fishing trip as male bonding too as we bring food and beer to accompany us while waiting the fishes to take the bait. Sometimes, we even brought grills to make barbeque if the boat we brought on the trip is big enough.

The last time that I fished with my buddies, I got home with a big catfish that we caught. My children were in awe when they saw it still alive, trying to breathe. Sammy, my youngest asked me if there are smaller ones and my other child, Remy kidded that the babies are smaller. We all got a kick out of it. Anyway, I told my children that there are smaller species of catfishes that don’t grow as much as the species we fish at the lakes. There are even a number of species of catfish small enough to be put into little tanks or aquariums. They were shocked of the information that I gave them. Now, my youngest wanted to have an aquarium to put catfishes in it. Me and my big mouth were at it again. Sammy nagged me for a good whole week to get him a tank with catfishes. After a week, I finally gave in and told him that we’ll get him fishes in the weekend after I run errands and finished training with my buddies at the park.

Weekend came as I see Sammy woke up early than he used to. He was all smiles as he greeted me good morning. I reminded him that it’s going to be later afternoon since I still have things to do this morning. He told me that he knew that and he was up early to make research on the web with the help of his other siblings to find on what species of catfish to buy. He said that he wanted a very colorful, active, playful catfishes that he’d really enjoy taking care of. My children were in front of the computer when I left the house. I got back after 5 hours and Sammy told me that they already found what specie that we’re going to buy. He chose spotted cory catfish and pictus catfish because are playful and colorful and it’s going to be fun to stare at.

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