My Curious Kids

My kids are really fond of their pets as they always take care of the fishes I got them and the stray cat from the park where I always train with buddies. The stray cat that we once knew looked better as she now has a full body of fur and she became fat. My kids Remy and Sammy even potty trained them. I’m so proud of my kids that at such a young age, they managed to have such patience to train pets. I remember when I was their age, I couldn’t train my dog with basic skills like sitting or staying because I was so impatient to do so. The thing was, my agreement with my parents when I got a dog was I have to train him so he’ll never be rowdy inside the house or he’ll just be tied out in our backyard. To make it short, he just lived in his doghouse in his lifetime, so I was always required to check up on him outside every day.

One weekend morning, my family was eating breakfast and Sammy asked my wife can dogs eat bananas because he saw a dog owner out last week living also in our building complex that he was feeding him one. My wife looked at me like telling me I take over and so I did. I explained to Sammy that bananas are one of the best and nutritious fruits around. It contains potassium which helps our muscles and nerves to work properly and our kidneys to filter blood for toxins. It also contains manganese, which helps in the formation of our connective tissues, absorption of calcium and most importantly, aids in proper functioning our thyroid gland. I added that it may take some time for dogs to eat bananas because it is an acquired taste, but they’ve gotten used to it, it will them lots of benefits like taking a multivitamin each day.

And now, Remy asked what hypoallergenic dog food is because he heard that term when we were at the pet shop once and he forgot to ask us about it. I told her that those foods are made for dogs who had food sensitivity issues as they were designed to reduce the possibility of an allergic response.

My kids were so fascinated with me knowing all of these things. I joked and asked them if I don’t look smart enough for them as my family laughed. I shared that when I have spare time, they often see me in front of a computer and I’m not playing or posting on social media sites. Instead, I spend my time reading through all sorts of articles around the web. I told them that it’s always a good thing that you learn something new every day, be it as small as about candies or something huge about medical stuff. What’s important is that you gain knowledge and be better each day. My wife agreed and joked that today, they need to learn how to wash a car as our children chuckled.

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