My friend, Julius

On the way to the park where I train with my buddies, I always see a man asking for alms and I developed a friendship with him. His name is Julius. He looked like he was in his late 50s. He was black, rugged looking, thin and always wearing an old raggedy thick coat for protection for the cold nights. He has this thing where he charms every people who pass by. I was one of them. I always make time to talk to him and ask him if he’s good. I always see to it that I bring him food and water when I pass by his station and he’s so appreciative of it.

One cold morning, I was out on an errand to buy milk and orange juice because we forgot to but one yesterday. I decided to drive along his corner and say hi. He looked sick as he tried smiling and greeting me. He really looked awful as he can’t stand on his own. He asked me what do kidney stones feel like because he thinks he got one. I shook my head telling him that I have no idea but I told him that I can take him to a free clinic if he wants to. He told me that he doesn’t want to go and he felt discomfort if he’s bothering people about himself. I reluctantly said okay as I was giving him food and water.

When I got home, I got on the web to research for the signs and symptoms as well as the home remedies for kidney stones. Since he doesn’t want to get a treatment in a clinic, maybe I can help him pinpoint his disease and help him go through it with the home remedies that I read. I want him to get better because he’s a good man. He maybe is poor but he isn’t a thief. He’s just happy that people sometimes give him food. I really feel bad for the man because his children wanted nothing to do with him. He told me once that they live on a big house in the suburbs. I asked if I can bring him to them but he told me that he wasn’t welcome in their home.

The next day, I went to him and asked him to think about getting checked up because I don’t want him to suffer on further complications, so we’ll know what he’s dealing with and come up with a better solution. I also told him about the research that I made last night and he thanked me for it. I asked him about his symptoms but he kept mum about it. He just told me that maybe, maybe the next time that I’ll pass by, that he will agree to come with me.

I told my wife about him and suggested that we contact government organizations or event the private ones about him. All lives are important whether you are rich or poor. I’m sure they’ll be glad to take care of him because he is a good and decent man.

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