Natural Remedies for Bronchitis

When biking, it is important to consider where you are biking. Many people prefer to bike in places with less traffic and pollution. And that is a good decision compared to biking in a city area where you are in danger of getting hit by vehicles or of developing sicknesses caused by pollution. One of the serious health problems that you can develop if you frequently bike within the city is bronchitis. This disease is caused by exposure to certain pollutants that may be present in the polluted city air. That is one of the reasons why I prefer to bike in parks or natural environments where I can also breathe in fresh air.

Many people are confused about bronchitis vs pneumonia because they share many similar symptoms. But the latter is a more serious condition, especially if you are elderly. Bronchitis, on the other hand, can be treated with several home remedies.

Bronchitis remedies are directed toward thinning the phlegm in the chest so that you could easily cough it out. Here are some of the effective remedies you may try:


The most effective approach to thin the phlegm is by way of breathing in steam. You can do it by taking a hot shower, soaking it in a hot tub, or simply inhaling the steam coming from a basin of hot water. To make it even more effective, you could add several drops of eucalyptus which has antibacterial properties that also help in softening the mucus that is obstructing your airways. You could also add pine oil as it acts as an expectorant which is helpful in keeping the phlegm moving from the bronchial tubes.


Water is also effective in helping you cough out the phlegm easily. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Also, avoid drinking caffeinated and alcoholic beverages which can dehydrate your system and make it tougher for the mucus to dislodge.

Cayenne and chili peppers

Spicy foods containing cayenne or chili peppers can also help out in thinning the mucus, allowing you to have a more productive cough.

Mullein tea

Mullein is a traditional remedy for respiratory problems. It contains saponins and gelatinous mucilage which can soothe your mucus membrane. You could boil two teaspoons of dried mullein and then steep for around 10 minutes before straining the leaves and drinking the tea.

While trying these home remedies, avoid drinking milk because milk contains lactalbumin which can stimulate mucus production. Aside from home remedies, there are also supplements that can help alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis. This includes N-acetyl cysteine and R-lipoic acid.

Prevention is better than cure or remedies. Aside from frequent or prolonged exposure to polluted air, you are also at risk of bronchitis if you smoke. Don’t smoke if you do not want bronchitis and other respiratory problems. This is the same advice I tell my friends because I notice that respiratory problems are becoming more common as the person gets older. Overall, don’t smoke and bike in the city.

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