Practice More

Performing BMX bike tricks is no easy thing. Believe me it isn’t. It may look relatively easy when you are just watching others do it from afar, and you might also think that you can do it yourself, with just token practice or something to that effect, but you are really wrong in that assumption.

You have got to prepare for each of those tricks for countless hours before you even begin to be proficient with them. I have known many riders practice a trick for so long a time, yet never get to fully master it. And that is just one trick I am talking about and there are literally thousands more to speak of.

Well I should know as I have been through that thing countless of times myself and I am not ashamed to tell you that, even with the length of time I have been performing tricks and stunts on my bike, that I have yet to master even half of all the tricks that I can do with my bike.

It is the same with all the crafts that people try to master and be recognized as an authority of, as you must devote much of your time to a thing in order for you to be very good at it. No if’s or but’s, and no shortcuts to be made on your way to perfection of a skill. Perseverance and hard work always needs to be there when you do something in order for you to be great at that something. Get my drift?

To further illustrate the point. Let me tell you what happened to me recently while trying to perfect a trick on my bike. Well I watched this dude on TV pulling off a trick which I have been practicing for in a long time and that got me burning. How on Earth did he manage to do that when I myself had been burning out over it for months?

That show got me going and I proceeded to pick up where I left off, which was apparently the ground, all scratched up with a finger sprain to boot. It was a bike stunt that required you to lift off from a ramp, kick on the pedal to propel your lower body upwards, and form a ninety degree angle between the bike and yourself, and then find a way to get back to your original starting position before your bike hit the ground, preferably with you on it.

I have yet to land it safely and good thing I have a foam bank to land on, else I would be either dead or severely paralyzed today. I know getting finger arthritis is in my future from all the accidents with my hands performing it, but I went at it for about two more weeks.

Just the other day I finally made it and the feeling of me finally accomplishing it was divine. Now I must practice it more to really get it to stick. That just goes to show that if you are really in to something, you must give it your all. You will fail many times with it but in the end it will eventually happen and you will succeed, that my friend, is just how life is.

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