Stray Cats

My kids love taking care of pets as they are influenced by their mom who used to have lots of cats when she was younger. They currently have a tank with different fishes like guppies, angel fishes, trouts and cichlids. I love that they’re not always playing with gadgets as I always see them watching and feeding the fishes.

As I go through my normal routine practicing at the park, I heard strange noises behind the bushes. I just ignored it as I was busy trying to do more tricks than usual, but the noise was interrupting my focus so I check it out. I was surprised that were two kittens purring. They seem lost or maybe the real owner just left them here at the park. I asked my buddies if anyone wants to adopt one, but they didn’t care about cats or pets for that matter. So I thought to myself that I’ll just be the one to adopt the kittens since I have kids who are great with pets.

I came home earlier than usual as my wife was surprised about it. She asked me if I had a problem and I told her no, but these kittens need a home. They were a bit dirty, but my wife, Heather hugged them as if it’s her own. She told me that she’ll clean them up first before letting the children see them. Heather gave them a quick bath on a lukewarm water and then finally got the kids to see them. The kids were so happy with their new pet as they fed them milk, but after a few minutes, the kittens vomited milk with something looked like spaghetti pastas. The kids called their mom and they told me that they need the kittens be looked up by a veterinarian because they just vomited worms with the milk. I asked them to find a good veterinarian and I’ll just take a quick bath and then we’re off to the doctor.

roundworms in catsThey found a veterinarian just 20 minutes away from our place. My two kids, Remy and Sammy came along with me and my wife. They put the kittens in a basket with a thick blanket to keep them warm. Fortunately, the receptionist told us that the doctor doesn’t have prior appointments so he can see our pet now. He introduced himself as Dr. Carter and asked us the history of the kittens. I told him that I just saw it at the park and brought it home. Heather added about the worm vomiting incident earlier. The doctor told us that since it was a stray cat and has vomited worms, it may have roundworms in cats because it may have been living there in the dirt for a while and since cats have the penchant for licking themselves up, that it how the kittens contaminated themselves. My kids were worried, but the doctor told them that he has an easy fix for that unlike with pancreatitis in cats which is a more serious condition among their specie. He added that he just needs to deworm them until they totally get out of the kitten’s system. He also recommended having it vaccinated to prevent other conditions to arise.

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