Surviving Allergy as a Family

yeast allergyMy daughter Remy was born with many sensitivities which includes her doctor’s recent finding, yeast allergy. It is very unfortunate that there are foods that she couldn’t eat. My wife and I don’t want her to feel left out about it so we decided as a family to eat according to her condition. We already consulted her problem to an allergologist and he conducted a certain test called the skin prick test wherein he pricked our daughter’s skin with a needle containing a small amount of the allergen to determine which type of yeast was the main culprit of her condition. It took him a few hours to examine my daughter’s case and he found out that it was indeed a yeast allergy most specifically corn derived foods and fermented products like cheese. To double check, her doctor suggested we could try a food elimination diet to see if corn allergy symptoms like hives, nausea, vomiting and the worst, difficulty of breathing as some experience swelling of their airway and should be attended to promptly when they encounter food that they have allergies from. Some worst cases even have them bring a syringe with medicines just in case they ate yeast unknowingly.

I remember when we were still not aware of Remy’s condition and we normally have yeast products stocked in our pantry and fridge like bread, pickles, strawberry, olives, raisins, corn, etc. She often eats those and moments lately she’d have hives on her skin. I thought it was just about her other allergies, but it often occurs after she eats our food, that’s why we resorted to get her examined.

Ever since knowing her real condition, we became more conscious of everything we get from the grocery store. We gave away all our foods with yeast as our neighbors thankfully got them. We used to take 30 to an hour when buying groceries, but now, it takes us two hours because we meticulously read the ingredients of the food that we’re going to buy. Taking these precautionary measures is vital to the well being of our kid. From time to time, I eat foods with yeast with the condition that I will eat it elsewhere and not in our home. It was hard, but we were really trying to manage her condition as a family. My wife doesn’t let her buy food in their school, instead, she always makes her bring foods that she prepared at home.

It’s nice that our diet at home doesn’t bother us as much as we all know that it’s for Remy. Her doctor called me the other day and told me about desensitization treatment as we can feed her some small amount yeasty foods from time to time to let her system react to it and hopefully her body can make antibodies to counter them. We have yet to try this method because my wife and I haven’t discussed it yet. I hope it works as I know that she always crave for foods that she can’t eat and as a parent, I don’t want her to feel deprived

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