Understanding Shoulder Pain

Have you ever tried biking while your shoulder is in pain? Isn’t it uncomfortable and disturbing? I have tried this at one time and I had to stop frequently to stretch out. And as I got more tired, it seemed that the pain was also increasing. I know of other bikers who suffer from shoulder pain after several hours of long drive or practice. Understanding shoulder pain can help bikers and other people deal with this problem and possibly avoid it as much as possible.

Shoulder pain refers to any pain around the shoulder joint. It could be a pain in left shoulder or in right shoulder or a pain between shoulder blades, you can read more from the experts at http://www.shoulderaches.net. Each of our shoulders has four tendons called the rotator cuff which is responsible for a wide range of shoulder movements. Any damage, inflammation, swelling or bone changes in the rotator cuff would cause shoulder pain. Aside from that, there are also underlying conditions that may cause shoulder pain, including arthritis, bone spurs, bursitis, broken shoulder bone, shoulder bone dislocation, or separation and frozen shoulder. Any injury or overuse of the nearby tendons like the arms’ bicep muscles may also cause shoulder pain. Sometimes, the pain in the shoulder may also be due to problems in other parts of the body such as the neck.

A less serious shoulder pain can be remedied at home. One common remedy is the application of ice pack on the shoulder for fifteen minutes three to four times every day for three days. Resting can also help alleviate the pain. You should avoid doing activities that are highly demanding on your shoulders to encourage fast healing. And when your shoulders feel better, do not return to your normal routine immediately, especially if those activities were the cause of your shoulder pain. If you bike, don’t bike long distances immediately. It would be good to slowly return to your regular routine so as not to stress out your shoulders.

While shoulder pain is not generally a very serious problem, there are cases when the pain can be a sign of an impending heart attack. This is especially true if the pain comes out suddenly for no reason. The crushing and sudden pain normally affects the shoulder and it runs to your chest to the left jaw or neck or arm. Also, aside from the pain, you may experience dizziness, sweating or shortness of breath. When these symptoms occur, it is best to call 911 or any emergency health care service for immediate medical attention.

However, there are cases when you don’t have to call 911 but have to see your doctor at the soonest time possible. These are cases of shoulder pain where the pain also comes with swelling, redness or bluish skin color around the affected are, fever, where the pain causes your shoulder to be immobile, or where your condition does not improve and the pain remains after more than two weeks of home treatment.

What is relieving about shoulder pain is that it can be prevented with stretching and exercises that can strengthen the rotator cuff. That is why if you are a biker like me, I highly recommend doing these exercises to avoid shoulder pain before going on a long ride.

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